‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11 spoilers: When will Mila Kunis’ episode air?

Ashton -With all of the news surrounding Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s personal life recently, it only makes their upcoming episode of “Two and a Half Men” all the more interesting and buzzworthy. This may be the one that sends the ratings through the roof … or at least has people talking about the show.

The appearance featuring Mila will come on the April 10 episode entitled “Daddy’s Got A Healthy Flavor Stick,” which is also featuring Brooke D’Orsay for yet another episode as Kate. She will return the week prior as Walden’s ex, who he helped to fund her dreams of being a fashion designer after dating her with a false name. Based on the synopsis below, the presence of Kunis’ character could end up making his reunion with Kate rather short-lived:

“Walden reconnects with Kate and is sure she’s ‘The One’ – that is, until he meets Vivian and becomes convinced she’s ‘The One.’ Meanwhile, Alan and Gretchen grow closer.”

The presence of Gretchen is yet another signal of trouble for Alan, given that he is walking the same tightrope right now that we saw Walden running with Kate last season. There is only going to be so long that he will be able to get away with perpetuating a lie, especially when it changes everything when it comes to who he is.

While Ashton and Mila may be engaged and expecting their first child together, they have remained very private about their relationship to this point. That is why we are surprised that she was convinced to do the show, and we will be even more surprised if she ends up surfacing for more than one episode down the road.

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Photo: CBS

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