‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 15 review: Did Glenn, Maggie finally reunite?

The Walking Dead -For the first time in several weeks, Sunday night’s edition of “The Walking Dead” actually brought together the stories of a number of different characters. Rick and Carl returned, as did Daryl, Glenn, and just about everyone else as the search continued onward to Terminus.

For Glenn in particular, this trip started going almost 100 miles an hour as he took off the moment that he learned that Maggie was heading to the same place that he was. Eventually, that led to him negotiating a deal with Abraham, and traveling with them for a while until he eventually went off with Tara into what can only be described as the tunnels of despair. Just when all hope seemed lost … Maggie appeared! Reunited and it feels so good. This was our tear-jerker this week, and it was certainly nice to have a happy moment after all the sadness.

Still, the show did focus a little on what Abraham and company were up to following their time with Glenn, as he, Eugene, and Rosita eventually found themselves a van … only for Eugene to screw around with it. It seems like this guy needs like 2 or 3 Abrahams to keep him in line, since he seems convinced that he can turn Tara straight so that she’ll want to be with him. Not so likely, Eugene.

Still, Eugene has convinced his group to hang around with Maggie, Bob, Glenn, and the rest of the gang for now to see what lies ahead in Terminus, mostly because his vehicle is hardly strong enough to survive on the road, anyway. Why is this guy stalling so much?

The surprise for us this week, save for the reveal that Daryl’s group is actually hunting down Rick for what he did earlier this season, is that we actually did see Terminus tonight! We thought for sure that this was something that would not be shown off at all until the last second of the finale. This gives us hope, but at the same time strangely, dread. Terminus, after all, is probably not what it looks like. Grade: B+.

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Photo: AMC

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