‘Mr. Selfridge’ season 3: What we know already about Jeremy Piven show’s future

Mr. Selfridge -Tonight on ITV, “Mr. Selfridge” is going to get the opportunity to close the door on its second season, which has seen its fair share of ups and downs. While the quality has been consistent, the biggest hardship that the show has been forced to combat at times has been having to air against the likes of “The Musketeers” over on BBC, which benefits heavily from a good license and also Peter Calapdi in another great role prior to his “Doctor Who” gig.

Luckily, we can confirm now that the series is going to be back again for a third season, which will air on ITV at some point in early 2015. It is hard to really present too much scoop on a show that has not even filmed yet, but for the time being, you can at least know some of the following.

1. Don’t expect too huge of a time jump – There may be movement forward, but there is only so far ahead that a series with some many true-life components can leap.

2. Expect major plot movement – Jeremy Piven has said that this series was originally conceptualized to last four seasons, and if that is true, what happens next year has to push it forward towards an end.

3. Could the show move? – We wouldn’t be too shocked, given that airing against some pretty dominant BBC shows is a little much for anything to handle. Like “Downton Abbey” has the support of “The X Factor,” we would definitely be pleased if this show was ever given a helping hand from a “Britain’s Got Talent” or a similar program as a lead-in.

Of course, we will get a much better idea of what to expect in the third season after the second season wraps things up tonight. If you click here, you can see some more news related to the show, and our review of the finale will be up there shortly. You can also sign up to get some more updates via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: ITV

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