‘Saturday Night Live’ re-watch: Does Jonah Hill’s show with Leonardo DiCaprio hold up?

Saturday Night Live -In our latest “Saturday Night Live” re-watch article, we take a look back at the Jonah Hill episode of the show with one key question in mind: Is it still funny? There are episodes that burn out after their first airing, and then those we continue to laugh at for months.

Luckily, Hill’s episode (with a few exceptions) mostly holds up very well thanks to an emphasis on laughs and smart writing more so than trying to just take advantage of something that was in the news or a quick shock gag that can’t be watched again with any joy.

Still a hit – There are actually quite a few sketches in here that worked the first time and still do, but we wanted to give the Leonardo DiCaprio cameo a little bit more credit here. Usually when you have something like this that happens, the cameo loses all of its spark upon watching it again. That is why we are so thrilled about watching this one again: It totally holds up just as well as it did then! We thank the “Titanic” bit for that.

From miss to it – Adam Grossman. When we first watched it, our frequent irritation that we traditionally get from watching this Jonah character overshadowed the fact that there were some very funny jokes in here. It’s worth watching again, especially if you can get past the regurgitation of Adam’s age over and over again.

From hit to miss – The figure skating cold open is really cheesy now that we know the premise behind it, and plus, the fact tat the Olympics have been over for a long time really puts the air out of the tires of this gag. Relevance is so important to almost any sketch revolving around sports, which is probably why we don’t care for that many of them.

As much as we do love our “SNL” re-watch articles, where we go through repeats whenever they air again on NBC, we are happy to have a new show to review next weekend hosted by Louis CK. We’ll have more on that soon, including a preview over at the link here. Also, sign up to get more TV updates from us via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: NBC

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