‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 22 video: Will Cobie Smulders’ Robin ruin her wedding?

How I Met Your Mother -Robin has been her own worst enemy on “How I Met Your Mother” so many times over the past several years, it only makes sense for it to happen one last time.

In the sneak peek video below (via SpoilerTV) from Monday night’s episode “The End of the Aisle,” Cobie Smulders’ character gets involved in yet another heated discussion with herself about whether or not marrying Barney makes any sense. Marriage was not even remotely in the cards for her at one point, and there are many reasons for her to doubt it as a good idea right now. Let’s start with her insecurities about it not making sense, and then move forward to the fact that Barney is a notorious womanizer who has slept with probably around half of the entire female population of New York at this point. All of this could be a good motivating factor.

Obviously, we know that Barney has his own doubts on his wedding day … mostly because we have known that for years now. One of the things that we can say very much about “How I Met Your Mother” is that they have really set their mythology in stone and then refused to move away from it at all. This is the series of events that they put into motion for themselves a long time ago with the flash-forwards to the chapel, and it is just about set to come full-circle. The only part of the story that is still a mystery is what happens when Ted actually meets the Mother, and just what the next 17 years of the pair’s life is like. This eventually leads to a question that we are more interested in now than even how Ted meets the Mother: Why has he chosen to tell this long story to his kids at this time?

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Photo: CBS

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