‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 17 video: Jensen Ackles, Mark Sheppard, and threats

Check it out -Who knew that Crowley was such a good counselor as to someone else’s feelings? As completely strange as it is to say that, that may be the case in the new sneak peek for Tuesday night’s “Supernatural.”

Given that we have focused quite a bit already on the fact that “Mother’s Little Helper” is directed by Misha Collins, let’s put the emphasis here more on the story itself. This clip features Dean doing what Crowley identifies as a fine form of stalling: Chilling at a pool bar, playing a little bit of billiards and seemingly stalling. Jensen Ackles’ character is not out there trying to hunt down Abaddon, or doing anything with the First Blade, or trying to make it so that his path can cross with Castiel again. Instead, he is merely standing around and letting time pass him by.

Could it be because he is scared? Crowley seems to think so, given how aware he is of some of the power that comes along with the blade. Dean may not have liked the sort of power that he felt upon using it, and this may in turn have pushed him into entering some sort of full-on “stalling” mode where he tries very hard to not do very much.

While this peek is not a great source of answers at all, we do still enjoy it very much, if for no other reason than to further get a chance to see some of the token banter with Ackles and Mark Sheppard, who is typically the unsung hero of this and any other show he gets involved with.

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Photo: The CW

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