‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Lea Michele on ‘Funny Girl’ opening, Sue in New York

Lea Michele -Could “Glee” really wrap up the “Funny Girl” storyline within the span of this season? It certainly seems that way, based on what Lea Michele is saying now.

One reason why the show is going to be moving along with production is simple: The show’s timeline is once again very different from the manner in which it is airing. For example, the new episode “New New York” airing a week from Tuesday actually takes place a full three months after “New Directions,” which features the end of the McKinley High glee club and the graduation of some of the seniors. This allows Rachel plenty of time to adjust to becoming a Broadway star.

What may actually surprise you the most about Lea Michele’s comments to TVLine is that they suggest that a certain Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is going to find a way to make an appearance in the Big Apple, even if she is still firmly situated in the small town of Lima, Ohia:

“We’re shooting [Funny Girl‘s] opening night right now, and a lot of the original cast members come back to see Rachel … I am shooting an episode now, and Sue is in New York. I probably shouldn’t tell you how she gets there, but I will say that she falls in love and it’s a lot of fun. She does some ‘Sue’s Corner’s when she gets home, because she’s changed by New York.”

This all does sound very fun, and it does pose the question as to if love is something that could push Sue to be in New York more often. This is something we’re torn about. We love Jane, and her character is arguably one of the most iconic of any on TV over the past few years. But is there a time when it is too unrealistic to have her around? We know that realism is not always a priority to “Glee” (see them performing “Roar” at a time in the show when the song had not technically existed), but there are still some lines that need to be drawn.

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Photo: Fox

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