‘Girls’ season 3 finale spoilers: How Hannah’s story ends (for now)

The latest -The good news for “Girls” is that the show has already been renewed for a fourth season. The bad news? The show is going to have a whale of a time really setting things up Sunday in a way that satisfies.

Sunday night’s new episode is going to tie up many of the stories that we have seen played out as of late, whether it be Adam’s work in the theater, Marnie’s dalliance with Ray, and Jessa attempting to finally move her life in the right direction. The latter’s story is one that we have found particularly interesting as of late, but during the finale, she is going to come up to a major roadblock: The woman that “hired” her to do work really only did so in order to find out how to get drugs. Sometimes, being a junkie follows you long after you want to stop being a junkie. This is something that she will have to work on for quite a while to come.

As for Ray and Marnie, there is still around a 0.1% chance we give this relationship of actually working out. They are both only going through it as a byproduct of their loneliness, and Shoshanna is more of who we feel is endgame for him. They both have to just learn to be more malleable in order to make the relationship genuinely work out.

As for the Hannah story, all we hope is that it offers some redemption. We don’t want anything terrible to happen to the character by any means, but we have to find a reason to root for her to succeed in order to care. It’s hard to really want to see her get a new book deal or have a relationship when she continues to do things that are so selfish. It is in this way that we miss the Hannah from the first two seasons, who seemed to be a little less black-and-white than the one we have been presented with today.

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