ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 16 video: An Emily VanCamp scene; a surprise

Emily -Just when “Revenge” season 3 was not crazy enough for Emily Thorne, a certain member of the Grayson family had to come into her life. Just as you would imagine, this is not good in any way possible.

In the latest sneak peek below for Sunday’s all-new episode “Disgrace” (which is certainly quite the ominous title to begin with), you can see Emily VanCamp’s character suffering through what is yet another surprise visitor during a conversation with her trusted ally / BFF Nolan Ross. Who is it? Think none other than Stevie Grayson, woman of mysterious motive at almost every turn. She’s already entered Jack’s personal life and created a giant stink there, and she now has found another world to invade.

As for what she wants with Emily right now, we at least know that it is not particularly good for her hopes to continue to be undetected as David Clarke’s daughter. Stevie has at least figured out the truth that there is so much more than what she is letting on, but as for just how much suspicion she has, it cannot be too great.

We could see Stevie becoming an ally to Emily, at least in that she does have quite the ax to grind with the Grayson family over everything that happened to her in the past. The only unfortunate thing here is that this family has been known to work a strange angle before … so you really cannot be too shocked if this is all a part of yet another (dramatic repose) elaborate scheme.

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Photo: ABC

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