ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Penny Johnson Jerald on Gates’ future

Castle -Castle” does not often give you many spotlight episodes on some of its supporting roles, so when it does happen, you know it to be a pretty special occurrence. It is for that reason that it is easy to be happy with getting a Captain Gates hour Monday night where we find out a little bit more about who she is, and what sort of stuff that she has been through.

If you have seen either the sneak peek at the link here or some of the other information that is out there already, then you likely know at this point what is the first major twist for the Gates character: She has a sister. Salli Richardson-Whitfield is playing the part, and she has her own distinguished career that brings her into the sphere of the precinct and into an important case.

Is there something more to look forward to with Gates beyond this? Eventually, but don’t necessarily expect it to happen in the immediate future. As Jerald tells Give Me My Remote in a new interview, there are more things with this character that she would love to find out:

“I think it’s the beginning of more to come. I have a sister. I want to see this infamous husband. I have children — at least I look at pictures of them in my office. It probably won’t happen this season, since we’re wrapping it up and looking at something wonderful and adventurous to happen between the Castle and Beckett characters. But hopefully next year, we’ll see something [more] about Gates. Every time I learn something, like I have a sister, or I like dolls, or this insight into who I am, it’s making Gates more and more human. That’s what I’ve been trying to get at her from the beginning. And I think it’s happening in a great way.”

What we hope to see from Monday’s “The Greater Good” are a few fun reminders here and there that Gates is a woman who can open up and show more of a heartfelt side of herself. She’s often perceived as cold or calculating in the precinct, and has a no-nonsense policy that does not make Richard Castle, fine purveyor of nonsense, particularly thrilled.

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Photo: ABC

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