‘How I Met Your Mother’ series finale: Cobie Smulders, Jason Radnor, cast reflect on roles

How I Met Your Mother -Sometimes, we wonder whether or it it is the goal of the entire “How I Met Your Mother” team to get us as emotional as humanly possible before the series finale for the show airs. Why? Almost every little thing that they put out makes us that much more nostalgic about the journey, and makes us want to go back and relive most of it again with these people.

The latest video from CBS is great just from the standpoint of its honesty. For example, Josh Radnor admits that it was not always easy to come into work and play Ted everyday, since this is a guy who can have his head in the clouds and can struggle to get what he wants. Meanwhile, Cobie Smulders admits that it took a long time for Robin to get to a place where she was ready to actually be with someone, and not be closed-off or hide her feelings. This show has been about character growth, and all of these characters see that.

Our favorite moment of this entire video comes via Jason Segel, where he explains thoughtfully why Marshall and Lily were such a great TV couple. While they did suffer one breakup throughout the show’s run, the writer never said that it wasn’t okay for the two to be in love with each other. They weren’t a “will they or won’t they?” couple, and they were still interesting and funny throughout the entire journey. This was a nice little lesson to other showrunners out there that while it is okay to have romantic arcs and mysteries for some of the characters, it is also all right for there to just be conflict between characters who are still going to stay together through it all.

Choked up already? Well, we’ve got more series finale scoop at the link here, and we are going to continue to have it much of the next week and a half. Brace yourself, since this is going to be a pretty crazy, intense journey.

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Photo: CBS


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