‘Duck Dynasty’ season 5 sees further ratings drop; is the Robertson obsession over?

Check it out -Remember when “Duck Dynasty” was the biggest thing out there? For much of the summer of 2013, America couldn’t get enough of the Robertson family. Ratings were through the roof, the show was beating “American Idol‘ routinely, and it was also a merchandising machine with promotions almost everywhere.

Then, things started to slowly change for the show. They were already on the decline before Phil Robertson made a series of controversial remarks, and that certainly hasn’t helped matters. We’re sure that this will be used by many as the reason for the dropping numbers, but it is also not the only reason. A&E literally has been running this show into the ground with repeat after repeat.

So to see last night’s episode was the first one in almost a year and a half with under five million viewers? Hardly a shock. The comments hurt, but typically, five seasons is the shelf life for any reality show that catches on like wildfire. Just look at “Jersey Shore,” “The Hills,” the original “Teen Mom,” or “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” The only real exceptions to this rule are shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which has never been as big of a hit as you would assume, or “The Real Housewives” franchise.

Do we still think that “Duck Dynasty” is going to be able to come back for more seasons? Definitely. Even if it pulls in just three million viewers, this show is still a huge hit for A&E. It also makes them and the Robertsons plenty of money, and they can do it until the cows (or the ducks?) come home if it continues to do this well.

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Photo: A&E

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