‘The Bachelor’: Are Juan Pablo Galavis – Nikki Ferrell interviews being halted?

Juan Pablo Nikki -Who had any idea that the drama between “The Bachelor” and its star Juan Pablo Galavis would still be going on, even a full week and a half or so after the show went off of the air? There is something fascinating about the silent war that is going on between the two parties; regardless of whether or not you like Juan Pablo or the show itself, you at least have some insight here into the way in which reality stars have to sign away quite a bit of their freedom of speech in order to be a part of a show like this.

In a new post on his Twitter account, Galavis suggested this week that he and his new girlfriend from the show Nikki Ferrell are being kept in some way from doing an extensive amount of interviews following their time on TV:

“Im GLAD NZK [Production] let me do at least ONE interview with @Nikki_Ferrell after the SHOW… How weird is that they DIDN’T let me do any MORE…”

This statement is interesting, given the assumption that it felt like it was more Juan Pablo who didn’t want to do many interviews or the traditional media tour that happens after a season of “The Bachelor” is over. Maybe he just didn’t want to do them with the way in which is was structured by producers.

Juan Pablo has also said this week that the final version of his People Magazine blog was edited down, since he would have otherwise been in breach of his contract with producers had it come out the way in which he is intended. Typically, these contracts forbid you about talking about any happenings behind the scenes on a reality show, mostly to keep the illusion of realness for what you see on screen. While most of the events and outcomes are genuine, there is a certain amount of “Hollywood” that goes into the presentation.

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Photo: ABC

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