ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 14 preview: Bellamy Young’s Mellie talks … gun control?

Take a look -You know that you have an unusual show when a conversation about gun control can end on a somewhat-romantic note, but that is precisely what we have right now courtesy of the latest “Scandal” season 3 preview.

With a name like “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” you had to figure that the story would revolve around both romance and also violence. The latter is especially true given that the last thing we saw of this show was Jake pointing a gun at someone and firing away.

This discussion in the sneak peek below features Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Andrew (Jon Tenney) front and center, as the two debate the policies for background checks when it comes to gun controls. We’re not even going to begin opening up a political can of worms on a TV site, so we’ll share instead what the two characters’ respective philosophies are.

Mellie – She is extremely open to the idea of doing very little, claiming that the majority of gun violence happens after criminals buy their weapons on the black market. Making it more difficult for people to legally purchase firearms is not in her mind the primary problem.

Andrew – Meanwhile, the new Vice-Presidential candidate wants there to be more rules and regulations, and he argues that Mellie’s point about alcohol also killing is not the same.

Regardless of the two having such radically different viewpoints on the subjects, the preview ends with Andrew basically saying that he has no idea why Fitz doesn’t see all of the same great stuff in her that he does. We still don’t feel like this story will end on a happy note (nothing with Mellie ever seems to), but she is at least getting a chance to be happy for a short period of time.

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Photo: ABC

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