‘Mad Men’ season 7 teaser. Now with more Jessica Pare, January Jones, and airplanes

For a show that put Don Draper in a pretty awful place at the end of last season, “Mad Men” still has no problem playing up the glamorous angle. For a second or two, you be confused as to whether or not you’re watching this show or the short-lived (and in our view, underrated) “Pam Am” when watching the latest teaser for the show.

In true “Mad Men” fashion, though, this preview gives away about as much as if we created a teaser of ourselves singing karaoke to “Zou Bisou Bisou” for ten minutes. You have characters standing around in an airport, and then Don Draper getting off of a plane. Once again, we could go the way of trying to analyze this and claim that this all symbolizes Don finally landing back on earth after so many years in the clouds, but we may be attending a class here known as Overthinking 101.

In truth, the biggest thing that you can take from this is evidence that the world of fashion is changing as the show starts to slowly creep up on the 1970s. Jessica Pare and January Jones get to wear the loudest clothes of the group, but you may have already seen these outfits thanks to the promotional images that we recently shared. After seeing those images, we really wish that AMC had thrown Harry Crane into this teaser just so we could see some of these ruffles in action.

The first seven of the final 14 “Mad Men” episodes will air starting on Sunday, April 13; the show is currently in the process of filming the entire rest of the series, so unlike “Breaking Bad’s” final 16 episodes, there is not going to be an enormous break on the production side of things. Many of the actors are already going on to do some other pilots, which will keep them from being out of work for long.

What’s your take on this “Mad Men” teaser? Share your thoughts below.

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