‘Ink Master’ season 4, episode 3 and 4 podcast: Jessa and Bart talk Randy Vollink, David Bell

Ink MasterWe are a little late on our “Ink Master” season 4, episode 3 podcast (but on the same token we are early with our episode 4 podcast!), so we decided to do things a little differently this week.

We will be merging our episode 3 and 4 podcasts this time around so that you don’t miss out on what Jessa and Bart thought of episode 3, but this way we can dive right into episode 4 and get to some of the juicy stuff.

We lost David Bell last week, mostly due to his back problems affecting his tattooing, which was a pretty big loss for the competition since we saw a lot of potential in him to go far this season. This week we saw Randy get raked over the coals (like he has almost every week by the judges) and then get sent home. We dive deeper into if Randy was really the right choice over Bubba or Roland, if Randy’s tattooing has really been that bad this season and if we think his discussion with the judges about his sexuality was really how it played out or if it was edited this way to create more drama for the show (this season is all about intense drama!)

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Photo: Spike TV

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