‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 finale review: Aria and Ezra, death, and drama

More scoop -Pretty Little Liars” has already had itself quite the wild and crazy run, but you knew that with this episode tonight in “A Is for Answers,” you were going to at least get a little more information as to what is going on here.

The majority of this episode was actually a retrospective on everything from the past being told from Alison’s point of view. This included her meeting with Ezra, how she discovered that Spencer was addicted, and so much more.

But the first real shocker for us took place around forty minutes into the episode, when we learned that (shocker) it was none other than Alison’s own mother who buried her. She thought that she was dead, and therefore buried her … and yes, that is really creepy. Eventually after this, she ended up paying Mona a visit, where she was disguised so that she could finally get away from it all once and for all.

Of course, Mona knew way more about all this than she was really letting on, and she basically placed Ali in a situation where she would get out of time. Over time, Ali was around to help some of the other Liars … and so was Ezra? He actually ended up playing the hero, as he saved the Liars from whoever was in the “A” outfit.

Now, we turn to one of the other big shockers: Ezra’s dead … right? Or will he be saved? We have a hard time thinking that this guy would be killed off, given that he is much more important to the story than even some of the people who are dead already. Think of what he did still as the ultimate sacrifice. He’s at least in a better position that Alison’s mom, who was being buried at the episode’s end. What happened to her? This will be revealed (at least hopefully) when the show returns in June.

Overall, though, this was a heck of an episode. We understand the frustrations with not getting to know the big answers yet, but at least Alison is out in the open now, Melissa’s back, and Ezra is not completely terrible. That’s a victory for now. We’re also going to be podcasting about the whole season tomorrow, so share some of your questions on the season or comments, and we’ll try to address them then. Grade: B+.

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Photo: ABC Family

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