‘True Detective’ season 2: About that Brad Pitt rumor…

True Detective -Is it possible that HBO could actually get an actor of Brad Pitt’s quality on “True Detective” season 2? We know that they would certainly like to try, but for the time being, nothing is confirmed one way or another. The top priority, at least from our understanding, is to make sure that the scripts are crafted properly and get the thumbs-up from the network. Rather than rushing into another story to capitalize off of the success of the first, most everyone involved here seems to actually be reasonably invested in taking their time to ensure that everything is as it should be.

This first rumor about Pitt being considered for the show is hardly coming from a reliable source: HollywoodLife, known for either blowing stories out of proportion or simply getting wrong information. This time around, they have an “insider” who had the following to say about the show’s casting process right now:

“Brad’s name has come up many times, it’s just a matter of what his other commitments are … It’s the show everyone wants to be on, because the writing and the roles are just so exquisite and complex. Brad has tight relations with HBO — he teamed up with Ryan Murphy last year to produce the HBO movie The Normal Heart. I know everyone would be thrilled to have him onboard.”

There are a couple of things in this statement that are valid, which is why this story bears some consideration. We do also have an easy time believing that Pitt’s name has come up … mostly because there are a number of other names that have probably come up, as well. There’s a difference between being considered for a role and actually getting an offer, which is why this entire story probably just fits into the “overblown” category for now.

The one thing we feel pretty confident on right now? “True Detective” season 2 will likely feature some big-name actors, a new case, and will air on HBO at some point in 2015. The real questions are who and when. We talk about all of it in our recent finale podcast on the subject.

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Photo: HBO

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