‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 15 preview: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus return for ‘Us’

Andrew Lincoln -Is there a way for us to recover from tonight’s new episode of “The Walking Dead“? It’s going to be pretty darn difficult, given that “The Grove” was one heck of a devastating hour of television. During the course of the hour, we (spoiler alert!) lost both Lizzie and Mika, as the former killed the latter before Carol was forced to shoot Lizzie once and for all. From there, Carol also admitted to Tyreese her own past murderous ways.

Luckily, the two characters managed to come out of “The Grove” alive, and for those of you who are missing the “old” version of the show featuring most of the cast together, you’re in luck: Next week’s “Us” seems to be a reunion of sorts. While the promo below does not make it completely clear as to whether or not Rick, Daryl, and Glenn are going to be together again, at least we know for sure that Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Steven Yeun are going to be back for the same episode for a change.

Given that there are only two episodes left this season, you have to take that itself as some sort of reassurance that the show is getting closer than ever to bringing the entire gang together again. They’ll have to do something great in order to set up the story for next season, whether that takes place at Terminus (our desired location) or something else entirely.

The one thing we are pretty confident in? That there is probably more death coming up before the season is over.

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Photo: AMC

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