‘Saturday Night Live’ re-watch: Is Drake’s show with Justin Bieber – Nancy Grace skits still funny?

More news -It has been a while since we have had a bonafide “Saturday Night Live” repeat thanks to the Olympics airing last month, but we are back today to talk about an edition of the show that when it first aired, we were very excited about: One hosted by Drake. With his sense of humor (which we have seen in some interviews) and his history on “Degrassi,” we expected some good stuff. Instead, we had a number of lame sketches, and a general feeling that we vastly overrated this show when it first came on the air. If we can remember a sketch just by its name and a screengrab, it’s a good thing. Otherwise, it is a sign of something terrible and pretty stinky.

As we always do with these re-watch articles, we are casting the focus on a few sketches from the night that we have went through a couple of times since their first airing. While not all sketches are meant to stand the test of time, some should at least hold up well when it comes to their joke quotient.

Still a hit – “Morning Miami.” We are using the word “hit” here pretty loosely, given that we acknowledge that this bit gets old pretty quick. But, at least the construction of this sketch is solid, and in watching it again, the body language and the writing here is great. The best part? Kate McKinnon randomly singing during one of the promo breaks.

Still a miss – The impressions. The cold open had a few good moments when the episode first aired, but this Justin Bieber impression? Pretty atrocious. The only thing worse is hearing Noel Wells do Nancy Grace … for more than five seconds. This may seriously go down as one of the worst, most insufferable sketches of the entire season.

From hit to miss – Indiana Jones. The only real appeal in this the first time was that we didn’t know what was going to happen, and Drake’s enthusiasm carried it through. In repeat viewing, it goes on for about three or four minutes too long, and doesn’t really do anything that is as funny as it could have been. If only Nasim Pedrad was getting some better characters to do.

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Photo: NBC

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