‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 13 preview: Lana Parrilla’s Regina in the crosshairs

Regina -It is not going to take long for the “Once Upon a Time” sneak peek below to feel familiar, and for one simple reason: It is yet again focusing on a popular character on the show being targeted for starting a curse. The difference? This time around, most of the angry mob is targeting the wrong person.

In the sneak peek below from Sunday night’s “Witch Hunt,” Regina ends up being targeted by a score of angry Storybrooke residents, demanding answers as to why they are all back in the town rather than their old home in the Enchanted Forest. Does she have an answer for them? It certainly seems like it, as she makes it clear that this time around, she really does not have anything to do with what is happening. She also brings up what has to be a point that you would think even these angry people would understand: Wouldn’t she want t do everything in her power to bring Henry back? Why in the world would she draw everyone back to Storybrooke without her son coming back in the process?

But, these people continue to be completely blind and deluded by the past, and maybe they are justified in doing so. But all of this insanity eventually causes Regina to lash out in the way in which she often does as the Evil Queen, and that in turn sets up whatever sort of drama that will come up throughout “Witch Hunt.” The real moment worth noticing from this video is at the very end, where you get a very quick flash of Rebecca Mader and her character of Zelena … otherwise known as the Wicked Witch. Look at that, she can remove all of the green makeup!

This is not the only scene that we have posted from this “Once Upon a Time” episode; there is another one you can view over at the link here, and if you sign up now, you can get some more updates from us via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: ABC

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