‘Big Brother Canada 2’ interview: Kyle Shore on eviction, Adel, Paul, and more

Kyle Shore -Kyle Shore was the second houseguest evicted from “Big Brother Canada 2,” and we admittedly find ourselves feeling a lot sadder about his exit than we thought at one point in the season. We liked him a lot going into the show, mostly because we thought he was going to be the next Jessie: This big, over-the-top character. When he wasn’t that, it took us a minute or two to adjust to him actually being this pretty sweet guy who really enjoyed learning about the lives and cultures of other people.

But an eviction is sadly still an eviction, so we had to try to make the best of the situation by speaking with him in a conference call with reporters today. Kyle was not necessarily big on long answers, but he still gave us a little insight on where his head was at.

CarterMatt – Did being backdoored make your eviction even harder, since you never got a chance to play for the Veto?

Well I saw it coming, but the most frustrating thing was watching my own fate get destroyed. Like I’m trapped in the guillotine and it’s slowly coming down. At that point, I switched gears and I decided that if I am going to go down like this, I am going to stir up some s**t, blow up some alliances, and motivate my boys to come back, keep their head up, and me playing through them at that point.

You mention your ‘boys,’ so what do you think that Adel and Paul should do now to stick around in the game? Should they try to make big moves, or just hide and hope other people take each other out?

The house is in turmoil right now, so [they should] make some big moves fast.

Is there anyone in the house that you wish that you go to know a bit better but didn’t really have the opportunity to?

I really would’ve loved to get to know Arlie a bit more. That guy, to me he’s like a book that you can open up and there is so much more about him. There’s a quirky dorkiness about him, but then he goes into the challenges and turns into a freaking beast. I don’t know what happened. He start’s growling, he starts drooling, he starts spitting on everyone. It was amazing! I would have liked to have gotten to know him more so I could figure out what story he was telling.

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