ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 18 video: Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, and theft by ninja

Ninja -Sometimes, the “Castle” writers just have a knack for knowing precisely what it is that we want. Before we saw any footage for Monday night’s “The Way of the Ninja” save for this photo, the dream for this episode that we had in our head was the opportunity to see a ninja sweep in, snatch a weapon in a split-second, and then disappear in a puff of smoke. We didn’t seriously think that this is what we were going to get … but today just must be our lucky day.

In the video below (first posted by TVLine), you can see this greatness play out pretty much exactly how we described it above. Just when Stana Katic’s Beckett turns away for just a second, a ninja comes in, snatches a murder weapon from a confused Rick, and then fires off the signature smoke bomb. That leaves Nathan Fillion’s conspiracy fanatic left looking very silly, and it is a smart move on the ninja’s part. If there is one person who you want to try and make look a little silly, it is the author who cried wolf.

Is this the only crazy thing that we expect to see in this episode? Hardly, but it is the one that is standing out the most to us right now. Rick’s going to have a hard time convincing everyone that what he saw is really what he saw, but we’re convinced that whoever the real culprit is here, ninjas are probably just a smokescreen (pun very much intended). With this show, the most-obvious answer is never the right one.

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Photo: ABC

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