‘American Idol XIII’ results: Was Sam Woolf, Ben Briley, or Majesty Rose eliminated?

American Idol -How was this for the first real “American Idol” shocker of season 13? Remember when Sam Woolf was considered to be a favorite to win this whole competition? Well, that moment has already come and gone courtesy of him being in the bottom three for the first time. Maybe you can blame that on him starting off the show, but it’s still troubling for a guy with huge aspirations.

If there is one silver lining he can take out of this, it is that he did not go home, and that is more or less now a wake-up call. He has a better chance of improving now and realizing that he needs more than the support of young female voters. Meanwhile, Majesty Rose needed to realize that singing a song from “Frozen” does not always equal anything.

But, the guillotine fell this week on Ben Briley. This was a guy who was America’s golden child in that he was voted into the top 30 over Neco Starr, but he was also a guy who took too big of a risk with “Bennie and the Jets.” Personally, we still feel like this performance was better than most are giving him credit for, but it was not enough. This is the hardest spot to go out on for sure, since you just miss the opportunity to take part in the tour … and everyone wants to be a part of that.

So out of the top ten, who will be the most-likely candidate to actually win the competition? We’ll address that more in the rankings, but with these results, you really have to think that Dexter Roberts, Jessica Meuse, and Alex Preston all have pretty enormous followings. When it comes to Jessica, she is now the only woman to never appear in the bottom three so far this season.

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Photo: Fox

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