‘The Bachelor’ finale: Nikki Ferrell fires back, Juan Pablo Galavis shuns press tour

Nikki -Are you still reeling from that insane, terrible finale of “The Bachelor” Monday night? Clearly, still are the people involved. For the first time in recent history, the show has actually tried to bury anything and everything stemming from what we saw on TV.

For a little bit of an example as to what we are talking about here, take a look at this. There was no “Good Morning America” interview this week, and at the moment no blog from really anyone involved in the process. There is no gigantic press tour planned, and while it was very clear from the “After the Final Rose” special last night that Chris Harrison was not a fan of Juan Pablo Galavis, he’s done very little on social media other than thank longtime fans for their support. Most of the other people in production have done the same thing, and acknowledged that this was not the ending or the season that most of them were hoping for.

What should they take from this? More than anything else, probably to just not listen to the public anymore. The people wanted Juan Pablo because of what they saw on Desiree Hartsock’s season, which really wasn’t enough to make an informed decision. Imagine what we could have had instead with a Drew Kenney or a Zak Waddell season. Maybe they also felt pressure to have a minority male lead after so many seasons of white guys … especially white guys from Texas. The truth of the matter is that this was a dud through and through, and all of the controversy revolving around Juan Pablo’s comments, and his not getting to be a part of “Dancing with the Stars,” probably all contributed to him wanting to throw up the middle finger at ABC … even though they were probably going to give him the key to the kingdom had he come across like a better person.

Clearly, there is one person that wants the world to shut up now, and that’s his new girlfriend. Nikki Ferrell, in her first comments on Twitter since the finale aired, was pretty darn blunt:

“Being in the public eye does NOT give you the right to say what you want to me. Your words hurt no matter what. Be ashamed of yourselves.”

We’re not entirely sure that this is what we would have said in her situation, mostly given the fact that she has decided to blanket every human being in together. Also, she’s telling longtime fans that they should be “ashamed” over being unhappy with the ending and the way it went. Are there fans that are over the line? Definitely, and we’ve seen many of them. But, there are also fans who are just disappointed that they invested months into this journey only to get laughed at in the end.

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Photo: ABC

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