‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 13 review: Will Maggie, Glenn find each other at Terminus?

The latest -Last week on “The Walking Dead” we saw an episode focused on Daryl and Beth as they let go of some of their demons and moved into a new understanding of each other, will they continue to build on that new found connection?

Daryl and Beth’s relationship in a very good place as we see Daryl not only teaching her how to track, but how to use a crossbow to hunt. We especially liked watching Daryl giving Beth a  piggy back ride after hurting her foot and them holding hands when they stumble across a gravestone that reminds them of Hershel. Some people have started shipping these two characters, but we get more of a sister/brother vibe from them at this point.

Daryl takes Beth into the near by funeral home, into the morgue to tend to her foot. He pulls out some tape and rips it open with his mouth. Here’s a tip: Even if you’re in a zombie apocalypse, never put your mouth on anything you find in a morgue.

They realize that someone else is living in this funeral home, but they decide to stay there for the night. Daryl starts to think that maybe they can stay at their and work something out with whoever lives there, but when a horde of walkers breaks in, the dream is over. Things go from bad to worse when Beth runs out of the house and is snatched up by someone in a car, splitting Beth and Daryl and leaving them both alone. Daryl tries to chase after her, but a group of men find him with a plan to rob him. Their leader, Joe, decides that Daryl might be more useful working with them then against them.

Bob, Sasha and Maggie find the sign for Terminus, but after some resistance from Sasha they decide not to go there. Maggie leaves them in the middle of the night and heads to Terminus in hopes of finding Glenn, the rest of their group, or at least some sort of sanctuary. She leaves a note for Glenn in walker blood by the signs for Terminus, but so far the only people that have seen it are Sasha and Bob that are going after her. When Sasha tells Bob she’s not going to go to Terminus with him (She’s afraid), he kisses her and heads off on his own to find Maggie.

Sasha goes into a building to set up camp, but while she’s there she sees Maggie sleeping outside. Maggie asks for Sasha’s help and after some convincing, she agrees and they find Bob a short ways up the tracks on the way to Terminus. Want even more of a fuzzy feeling from this show? The last thing we see is that Glenn has found the sign to Terminus as well and is on his way out there too.

There was a lot of great stuff in this episode, including a lot of hope for Maggie, Sasha, Bob and Glenn. This show can be very dark , so these little glimmers of hope really help to give it more layers. Episode grade: B+

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Photo: AMC

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