‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 16 preview: Has Harley Quinn speculation taken over?

Harley Quinn -Here is the funny thing about “Arrow” as of late. For quite a long time, we know that many have been excited to see a Diggle-centric episode in “Suicide Squad.” However, the moment that The CW unveiled the promo for this episode earlier in the week, there is only one thing that most fans are speculating on: Is Harley Quinn going to be a part of this universe soon?

Given that the promo below makes an effort to specifically showcase the woman above, despite it only being 20 seconds long, something is clearly up here. There are so many other characters, after all, that could be shown in between Deadshot and Diggle and Deathstroke, who is going to potentially appear more in this form here than he has as Slade Wilson.

With all of this being said, though, we’d be incredibly surprised if the Joker’s partner-in-crime, of course better known for her role in the Batman universe, actually shows her face in the episode. We see this as a little bit more of an Easter egg, and a hint that the show is opening up this world to a greater extent.

In case you missed it from when we posted it recently, take a look below at the full synopsis for “Suicide Squad”:

“Following Slade’s return and his promise to make good on his threat to destroy Oliver’s loved ones, Oliver focuses all his energy on preparing for battle with his former friend. Sarah tries to help but, fearing for her safety, Oliver pushes her away. Meanwhile, Diggle is recruited by Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. to stop a warlord he knew from his time in Afghanistan. Always the solider, Diggle agrees to help. However, he’s not prepared when Amanda introduces him to the rest of the team – Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel, all criminals he and Arrow helped put away. Lyla defends the team and explains the world is a complicated place, but Diggle isn’t sure he agrees. When the mission takes a dangerous turn, Diggle is forced to make a difficult decision.”

Given that Diggle is a new character to the show, it’s nice to have these episodes here and there where we literally have no idea what is going to happen. What we mean by this is that while it is obvious that Oliver Queen is not going to die anytime soon, who knows what happens with him, or what sort of backstory he could have?

We’ll close this article with two questions: What do you think could happen in this episode, and do you think that this mystery woman is definitely Harley? Share below, and click here if you did miss our recent review for “The Promise.” You can also fire your mouse over to the link here to get more TV updates from our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: The CW

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