‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 13 spoilers: Lauren Cohan on layers of ‘Alone’

The latest -When “The Walking Dead” returns to television on Sunday night, it will be doing so with an episode entitled “Alone” that has quite a bit of mystery around it. What’s the biggest one right now? Whether or not the new arrangement with many of the characters traveling in small groups is going to eventually equate to there being some unexpected deaths.

One of the people who we are most worried about (at least for the time being) is none other than Maggie, and the new sneak peek that we have seen for this episode gives us yet another reason to be concerned for her safety. After all, she, Bob, and Sasha are seemingly right in the middle of walker country, and it is certainly not easy to deal with that. (Then again, is it ever?)

Since this show has tighter security around it than Fort Knox, you cannot really expect there to be any concrete spoilers to roll out about this episode. However, Lauren Cohan did tell Entertainment Weekly Radio in a recent interview that she feels like one of the challenges coming up for her is going to be trying to find a way to survive without any of her family members or Glenn around. Also, she talked about whether or not her love for Glenn and desperation to find him is going to lead to more danger coming in her direction:

“I don’t know if that puts us more at risk of dying or less … It’s such a necessary hope and I definitely feel that invisible bridge between Glenn and Maggie the whole time of trying to find each other, and needing that.”

We already know that Glenn is someone who wants to seek her out at all costs, especially when you remember that this was a guy who stood up to Abraham despite all the proclamations that he was needed for a mission that could have some sort of life-saving implications.

We’ll have our full review of this “Walking Dead” episode a little later tonight, and when we do, you can expect for it to be over at the link here. Also, be sure to sign up now for our CarterMatt Newsletter to get more TV updates.

Photo: AMC

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