‘True Detective’ finale spoilers: Show creator teases final chapter

True Detective -Tomorrow, HBO looks to close the door on “True Detective” (or at least this version of it) with a story that will hopefully answer many of the pressing questions you have. Is every little loose end in the world going to be tied together? We sincerely doubt it, and mostly because we stand behind the same statement that we have made time and time again since the series premiere: This is a show more about the toll this case has on two people than the actual discovery of any and all guilty parties.

As you would expect, the network is tight-lipped. They are not saying much at all regarding the story, and nor have they released a sneak peek. What we do have is a little set-up on what sort of themes and ideas could play out courtesy of the show’s own creator. In a new and thorough interview with BuzzFeed, Niz Pizzolatto says the following:

“Going into the final episode, I wanted to end any audience theorizing that Cohle or Hart was the killer, and also provide a concrete face to the abstract evil they’re chasing. So, wild speculations aside, we showed the killer’s face in Episode 1. Though we know that as this ‘third man,’ whose face was scarred by his father, Errol is himself a revenant of great historical evil. There’s enough fragmentary history in Episode 7 that, like Hemingway’s iceberg, what is obscured can be discerned by what is visible. We have further context and dimension to explore with the killer, but the true questions now are whether Cohle and Hart succeed, what they will find, and whether they’ll make it out alive.”

Errol, for those unaware, is the “lawnmower man” who was featured at the end of this past new episode. In our recent CarterMatt Podcast earlier in the week, we broke down this character, and some of our own theories about him and the shock that Pizzolatto delivered upon us with this reveal of him as the “Green Eared Spaghetti Monster.”

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Photo: HBO

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