‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Lena Dunham, Kate McKinnon tease show

More news -Tonight marks what is to us one of the most interesting episodes of “Saturday Night Live” of this entire season. Not only do you have a show in desperate need of a comeback after stinking up the joint with Jim Parsons as the host last week, but you have someone on board this time in Lena Dunham who is certainly polarizing … to say the least.

What Lena does bring to the table is creativity, and that may have helped significantly when it comes to pitching ideas and sketches in the writers’ room. She’s also very good at playing a few particular types of characters, mostly of that weird, quirky, and self-involved variety. Hannah Horvath is that woman from “Girls” who is easy to relate to, but also easy to hate because she represents what is the worst in so many of us.

On the flip side, what makes this risky is that it’s hard to say just how many other characters Lena can pull off. This is not an expression of doubt so much as it is an admission that we really have not seen her play very many other things over the years. There are also so many people who have their minds made up about what sort of talent she is that she may have a difficult time changing that perception about her.

For the time being, we’re willing to give Lena the benefit of the doubt. She is, after all, reasonably funny in the promos below with Kate McKinnon and Taran Killam, and she also has no problem seemingly skewering the fact that sometimes, her own character on “Girls” is in the buff for no particular reason.

What do you think is going to happen on this weekend’s show? Share your predictions below! We’ve got a lot coming up tonight for you to enjoy, whether it be a full review of this show, or a podcast after the fact with Jason Prager. Bookmark the link here, since that is our “SNL” central. We’ll have everything for you there overnight. Also, you can sign up for our CarterMatt Newsletter if you want to get all of our TV updates sent straight to your email inbox.

Photo: NBC

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