‘Big Brother Canada 2’ interview: Anick Gervais on Paul, strategy, other players

Anick -It’s always hard to be the first person sent out of any reality show, and it is for that reason that we really sympathize with Anick Gervais on “Big Brother Canada 2.” She was just getting the opportunity to get her feet wet in the house, and ironically, the one thing that could have helped her stay was if she had her feet wet on that block of ice a little bit longer. She was eliminated unanimously Thursday night, which meant that today was her opportunity to speak out about her time on the show.

The questions that we asked Anick in a chat with reporters revolved mostly around strategy, her alliances, and her perception of other players. Given how little of the game that we have seen so far save for the live feeds, this felt valuable to really figuring out what was going on.

CarterMatt – First of all, who were you the most disappointed about when it comes to them not voting for you to stay?

Anick Gervais – It is a game, and I know that if they go against the house, they will be a big target. So I didn’t expect anybody to vote for me. If the whole house was voting against me, I expected them to do that.

But I love Adel. He was one of my favorite people in the house. He wanted me to stay; if [the roles were reversed], I would have voted against Adel because I wouldn’t want that target on my back. I’m not going to hold it against anybody, but the guys in Kenny, Andrew, Kyle, Adel, and I think Jon and Arlie, all said that they were voting for me, [and also] Sarah. So I did not see this coming. It was a big, big surprise to me.

In going along with that, we often see a lot of players early in this game who are running scared, or just going with the house rather than trying to make a move. How much of that is happening?

All the girls are going to be floaters. They don’t have a game at all. Their game is just to lay low, but they obviously have more game than I do because I was the first one out.

There are a lot of people who are just going with the house because it is so early in the show, and you never know just how much it’s going to twist and you never know what’s going to happen. Everyone was terrified of this big twist and nobody knew what was about to happen. Nobody wants to shake the boat; it’s just sad that certain people can’t stick up for themselves or someone that they care about in the house to keep this love revolution going because [people] were so threatened by me. It’s kind of a sad story.

What’s your take on Paul, and what did you think about his move to win Head of Household? Is he trying to do too much, too fast?

You’re right, I do think that he did that. The people who were not on the [ice] block wanted to align together, but it’s funny with the house: There could be a different alliance five minutes later. You can never ever trust anyone in that house. We were going to stick together and get Paul up, because he really didn’t need to make that decision. They could have just decided who was HoH without making that statement and that decision.

Paul did tell me that he was threatened by me because I do work with energies, and he’s a motivational speaker and thought I had way more knowledge than most people. Maybe he planted that seed in everybody’s head.

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