‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 debate: Will you be okay with unhappy ending for Ted?

Another look -Obviously, we are going to start off this “How I Met Your Mother” article with a pretty substantial warning: There are spoilers ahead! Therefore, stop reading now unless you want to get things ruined for you that you will not be able to get back

When we were watching last night’s episode “Vesuvius,” our first reaction when we heard Ted and The Mother’s teary discussion about mothers not being able to be at their child’s wedding was that Ted may have been talking about his own mother missing out on his nuptials with Cristin Milioti’s character. But, there have also been hints in retrospect from earlier this series that suggest she may have been there.

And that leaves us with what is the darkest-timeline theory to borrow from another show in “Community”: That the Mother is dying. There were hints throughout “Vesuvius,” and this could also explain more of why Ted is telling this story to his children in the first place. It’s a chance to inform the kids about his life, and the entire love story that led up to the two parties getting together. Maybe she is very sick during the story, or maybe she is already dead.

While this is all cause to start impromptu crying fits, it’s hardly a shock that “How I Met Your Mother” could go in a dark direction. This is a show that has touched on the death of Marshall’s dad, and a number of other sad moments over the years.

One other idea to consider here before we go? Maybe The Mother is very ill, but somehow finds a way to pull through despite insurmountable odds. That will at least be the story that we are hoping for, since we really haven’t heard anything throughout the entirely of the story that would lead us to believe that the Mother is actually dead at the time the story is being told.

What do you think about the direction that “How I Met Your Mother” is going in, and are you going to be upset if the writers do actually decide to kill The Mother off? Share some of your thoughts below, and head over here if you want to read some more news about the actress who has been cast to play Robin’s mom.

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