‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 15 review: Vincent and Cat make a move

The latest -Did “Beauty and the Beast” end in the way that you expected? If you answer that question with a “yes,” we are starting to wonder if you are clairvoyant.

Honestly, it was more the timing of the Vincent / Cat kiss that was a surprise to us than the fact that they are closer to being back together again now, since it comes only a few weeks after Cat decided to give things a shot with Gabe. If this was a different show, and it felt like there was more time in between now and an inevitable series finale, this may be different. But the writers are an aware bunch. They’ve seen the ratings, and they know that this season could be the end. Therefore, why not try to give the fans what they want?

This moment happened really at a time that felt a little rushed, and also did not exactly make Cat look like a great person. There’s a difference, after all, between being with someone, and then telling someone one thing and then doing the opposite. Obviously, she wanted to let go of Vincent when she told Gabe that she would stop being around him … but we can’t imagine that he is going to react that well to this news. Cat just can’t keep herself away.

As we get closer to solving the Sam problem, we at least know that Vincent and Cat are going to be working on things romantically again now … and that does raise the stakes moving forward. We just wonder if it could’ve happened in a little less of a predictable way. Going into the episode, we didn’t expect; however, that final scene with the two of them told an entirely different story. It was obvious from the moment that she walked into that room. Grade: B-.

What did you think about this “Beauty and the Beast” episode, and the kiss that happened at the end of it? Share some of your thoughts below, and head over here to read some more news related to the show. We’ll have a preview for the next new episode there soon enough.

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