‘Almost Human’ season 2: Are chances of Fox renewal looking up?

Tonight, Fox closes the door on the first season of “Almost Human,” and as we do with many other shows that are somewhat up in the air, we’re already starting to think about what could be coming up down the line.

While it is very well possible that this show could be quietly canceled at some point in May, largely in hopes that viewers will have forgotten about it then, we’re starting to feel like the prospects for Karl Urban, Minka Kelly, and the rest of the cast are looking up. Why? We’ve got a few simple reasons to help you out.

1. The ratings aren’t terrible – While they could be better, “Almost Human” has held its own against the likes of “The Voice” and “The Bachelor.” That is not easy competition.

2. It’s a show that could carry over well – You can dive into season 2 without having to watch the first season, and those looking for retention year to year, that is definitely a good thing.

3. What else does Fox really have? – As of right now, “Rake” is sure to be canceled, and “Glee” is likely to be burned off at some terrible timeslot for its final season. The comedy block has also become a borderline disaster zone, “The Following” is tanking, and “Bones” likely only has a season left. The only stable drama for Fox that we haven’t mentioned here is “Sleepy Hollow.”

4. There are more timeslots open – With “The X Factor” over, there’s a little more room to program stuff in the fall, and you can’t rely solely on new programming to fill the voice.

We will probably not know a full decision until May, but be sure to keep checking back to the site. After all, we’re going to have much more in the way of scoop between now and then.

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