‘Almost Human’ finale review: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly say goodbye to season 1

Well kids, its been an exciting first season of “Almost Human” and although we still don’t know if there will ever be a season 2, we can honestly say that this show has been a refreshing spin on a played out genre: The cop show. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have played off each other perfectly, making this friendship (and work partnership) something that was more then just believable… it was completely endearing. Now we have reached the season 1 finale (and possibly the series finale) and we wonder if they are going to tie up the show in a way that leaves fans fairly happy if there is no season 2 or if they are going to leave a huge cliffhanger basically daring Fox to cancel the show and deal with a legion of unhappy fans. Let’s take a deeper look at what happened tonight.

Dorian is getting his first work review from the board and his co-workers are giving him a glowing recommendation (not that Dorian knows)! He is worried about what Kennex had to say about him and although he can’t tell Dorian specifics, he tells him that he had nothing but good things to say… of course only after ribbing him a bit. Dorian starts to get worried when the board asks to speak with him a second time, and when Rudy advises him to act more like an MX  he does. When he talks to the board again they tell him to stop acting like an MX and reveals that the glowing reviews from everyone (especially Kennex) have given an extended term on the force.

The case of the week is an interesting one. Someone is allegedly copying a past serial killer’s MO (the strawman) and it only gets stranger from there when Kennex reveals that the officer that dealt with the original case was his father. When Kennex tries to access his father’s old case files to help figure out what is going on with the killer he learns that the notes are sealed, but with the help of Captain Maldonado he gets his hands on them. He learns through his father’s old files that his father felt that he put away the wrong guy and that the killer was still out there. Did they catch the strawman? They did and it turns out that Kennex’s father did send the wrong man to jail, but more then that Kennex learns just who was responsible for killing his dad and helps to clear his name from past false accusations.

What we loved about this episode was that we learned a lot about Kennex’s father (and therefore we learned a lot about Kennex as well). They didn’t leave much of a cliffhanger in this episode, so if it doesn’t get renewed for a second season then at least fans aren’t going to be left hanging without resolution. Of course, like you, we are hoping for season 2 and can’t wait to see what they will do next year. Episode grade: A –

What did you think of the “Almost Human” season 1 finale? Do you think there will be a season 2?

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