‘Big Brother Canada 2’ houseguest spotlight: Kyle Shore really wants to be Jessie

Kyle Shore -We have never hidden our love for Jessie Godderz as a “Big Brother” player / personality. He’s hilarious, completely over-the-top, and seems to understand and revel in the fact that some people out there genuinely hate him. He’s also a little bit of an underrated gameplayer, at least in season 13 when he had control over the house before America decided that they wanted to give Jeff the power to do whatever he wanted.

We know that Slice didn’t cast “Big Brother Canada” to have their own version of U.S. houseguests, but it’s hard to not look at Kyle Shore and see someone other than Mr. Pec-Tacular. He’s super-muscular, super-full of himself, and some of his answers to questions online are comedy gold. It’s a shame that he doesn’t have a video bio out at the time that we are writing this, since it would probably be full of similar ridiculousness.

But with all of this being said, he’s still no Jessie.

Name – Kyle Shore

Age – 24

Occupation (we’re just getting this verbatim from his bio) – “Personal training and picking up the ladies downtown. It might as well be an occupation.”

Hometown – Porter’s Lake, Nova Scotia (a small town near Halifax)

Three adjectives we would use to describe him – Jacked, delusional, and d-bag.

Strengths – Literally, his strength. He is the most muscular guy in the house, and next to Jessie, he may be the most muscular guy ever on a North American season. He comes across as a total crazy man, but he is at least reasonably self-aware and knows that he’s not going to win any competitions when it comes to his brains. He is pretty funny, but it’s hard to gauge how serious / sarcastic he is being online.

Weaknesses – If he is actually speaking seriously when he talks about picking up ladies as a job, for example, then this guy is so delusional that we don’t know where to start. Kyle will be an instant threat, a lot of people won’t like him, and he’ll probably eat up the house’s entire supply of chicken, eggs, and whey protein. Also, there is zero strategic game here whatsoever. The big difference between him and Jessie is that the latter was great at having women flock to him. Kyle seems much more desperate, and therefore gives up the control.

“Big Brother” comparison – We’ve given you an obvious one, but how about Keith from season 13? Also, maybe there is a little bit of David from last season thrown in here when it comes to cluelessness.

Outlook – If Kyle lasts anywhere longer than four weeks in the house, we’ll be shocked. He may win Head of Household once, and then be taken out not too soon after that. He’s too big of a physical threat, and we feel like even if he is playing a bit of a character and isn’t really that arrogant, nobody is still going to want to put up with this forever.

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Photo: Slice


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