‘Call the Midwife’ season 3, episode 7 review: A snag in Shelagh’s adoption plans

As we near the finale of “Call the Midwife,” it doesn’t really feel like good things are being set up to happen for most of our favorite characters. Instead, what we have here are some more people thrown into devastating situations, and for Jenny Lee, her definition of “good news” right now is just being able to be back in her job after some time away.

For Shelagh, for example, her dream of adopting a child all but dissipated thanks to a shocking revelation regarding Dr. Turner and his days in the war. It was pretty clear that there was something that he was hiding, and the only thing that is considered positive about his secret is that it doesn’t seem like he is a secret murderer or anything else terrible. He is just a man suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder that he attempts to keep behind him, that way it never impacts him on his day to day life.

Elsewhere, Jenny did commit to being back as a midwife full-time, and Trixie continued to see some sort of positive movement in her romantic life. At the moment, she is actually the one woman on the show who seems to have things going in the right direction in her personal life. On the procedural front, the stories of heartbreak and separation were in the forefront. We would not necessarily say that these were the best standalone stories that we have seen on the show all season long, but they did still have their own worthy moments here and there. Mostly, this was a tale about time, and how sometimes, you just need to give it so that emotional wounds can heal. Grade: B.

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