‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 12: Norman Reedus on the power of ‘Still’

The Walking Dead -Just in case you really needed one other reason to get excited about Sunday night’s new episode of “The Walking Dead,” be sure to know that this is one of the favorite episodes of the show of a guy who was at the center of it: Norman Reedus. “Still” is a big hour for Daryl and Beth, as you start to see the two try to come to some sort of understanding while out on the road together. It’s a chance to see some more of that darkness within Daryl first-hand, and also if there is a way for this to be contained.

Reedus has been on a promotional tour of sorts for the episode in the past week, and he spoke a little bit in a chat with HuffPost Live abut why he feels that this episode for he and Emily Kinney’s character was so effective:

“I will say that he’s the type of guy that he needs to be pushed in a hopeful direction. He’s not a positive person. I will say that the episode that is playing this Sunday answers a lot of those questions. The character that Emily plays, Beth, is such a candle in the darkness for him. And she brings that out in him again. She gives him hope in a way … That episode is definitely one of the most proud I am of being on the show.”

On a little bit of a different note, you can also see Norman explain in the video from this chat which death on the show impacted him the most … and since this is “The Walking Dead,” you know that he has had quite a few to choose from.

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