‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 12 preview: A Norman Reedus – Emily Kinney peek

The Walking Dead -Survival has always been a part of “The Walking Dead,” but there is a part of Sunday night’s new episode “Still” that actually makes it feel almost like some of the characters are contestants on “Survivor.” After all, you have Daryl and Beth completely living off of the land, and there is really not that much beyond that happening in this sneak peek at all.

Basically, these characters are just trying to do almost anything that they can in order to make ends meet, and in the case of Daryl, that apparently means hunting down a snake. Is he doing this for food, or so that he doesn’t end up getting killed by the snake himself? Both are possibilities in our mind.

Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney are going to get a ton of screen time in this episode. They are the only two performances that have been teased in the promo and the sneak peek, and we have to hope that at some point, their journey is going to lead them towards some of the other characters. We already know that Team Rick / Michonne / Carl and Tyreese / Carol are off to Terminus, but you still have the likes of Maggie and Bob out there somewhere. Also, it’s hard tell just where Glenn is in the midst of all of this after his dust-up with Abraham. But they could feasibly by heading back in this direction. We personally like to envision this season to be a character study for how these people all make it on their own, and also potentially how they make it to a new place. We would love for season 5 to be the Terminus season, and one that could hopefully introduce us to some characters that fans of the Robert Kirkman comic are dying to meet.

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Photo: AMC

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