‘Downton Abbey’ season 5: Michelle Dockery on a particular ‘parody’

Take a look -Downton Abbey” has become a global phenomenon, and thanks to that, there have been all sorts of bizarre and at times interesting parodies that have come up … and not all of them are of the G-rated variety.

Yes, that’s right: There is something out there for the show that is a bit more adult in nature, and that is something that series star Michelle Dockery tried to have a little bit of a laugh about while in an interview on “Conan” this week. She winced her way through this discussion, but then went on to discuss just what some of the parodies of the show have done to the cast. Most of them are able to take all this sort of stuff in stride, and it is a form of flattery after all.

Dockery is actually now in the process of shooting the fifth season of the show, but had a little bit of tie off in the schedule in order to work on promoting her new movie “Non-Stop.” On that note, be sure to check it out in theaters Friday! Friend of the site Chris Roach worked on writing the script. The movie also stars Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, and allows for Dockery to take part in many more action sequences than she ever does as Lady Mary. The closest thing that she had to that during season 4 was with the pigs and Charles Blake.

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Photo: ITV

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