‘Opposite Worlds’ review: Did Samm, Lauren, or Jeffry make it into finale?

Opposite Worlds -Tomorrow night, “Opposite Worlds” will be coming on the air with what could be one heck of an exciting season finale. There will be four contestants squaring off for an opportunity to win the grand prize, and this episode was just all about trying to figure out what the players would be.

So was it funny in a way that we spent a good half of this episode watching a challenge that had huge implications, and it was based solely on balancing a ball. Kind of crazy, right? Almost as crazy as Frank got when Jeffry tried to get JR to bail. Who does Frank think that he is? We don’t care for Jeffry and his “mastermind” ways, mostly because he doesn’t get that he has been dragged to the end because he’s so terrible. However, he had to do something to try to secure his spot, so we don’t have any problem with him trying to strike a deal in a challenge that he probably wasn’t going to win.

For him, the bigger mistake was angering Frank, who was one of the two people making a decision about the finale. The last thing JR wanted to do with his pick was something that angered Frank, since you don’t know what the last challenge is going to be. This was the only reason that we felt that JR would have made a move other than taking Jeffry. He’s a smart guy, and he knows that America hates the guy, and he can’t do anything at all in challenge. Frank isn’t playing with his heart, and he showed that by picking Samm over Lisette.

So the final four are JR, Frank, Jeffry, and Samm, and the right move was made to get rid of Lauren. Had she stayed, she was clearly on Samm’s side more than one else. Now, America gets to pick the Protected, who will be immune for the first part of the finale. While it would be hilarious if Jeffry is chosen, we’re more than fine with the idea of JR in the final round. He is one of the few people all season who really is playing a great game start to finish, and staying likable at the same time. Grade: B+.

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