‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 14 review: Who returned, and who did Sam and Dean save?

Captives -The key word when it comes to Tuesday night’s “Supernatural” episode is “feels.” This is probably what you probably had after watching this time and time again. The writers and actors did a great job of keeping this a secret, since we really didn’t feel like we would be seeing Kevin again this season.

But, Osric Chau returned tonight for an hour that really felt more like a proper send-off to the character after he was quickly killed off by Gadreel at the end of the fall season. But he returned here in ghostly form, and eventually after a fair share of battles, his mother had the chance to take him home. In turn, Kevin managed to convince (at least seemingly) the Winchesters to finally let go of what happened to him. Dean in particular has been ruthlessly blaming himself over what happened, and getting this closure may in turn help to shore up the Winchester relationship again after some tough bumps in the road.

The Castiel story had its own fair share of emoting as we saw he and Bartholomew square off, but it had the difficult challenge of playing against what Sam and Dean were up to. We’ve been a fan of the angel almost since his first appearances seasons ago, but admittedly, we enjoy him more when he is around the Winchesters almost the entire time. The only real exception of that was earlier this season, when we loved the adventures of Misha Collins sporting a gas station uniform.

All in all, an emotional episode … and one that has us very excited for what is coming up next. Grade: B+.

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Photo: The CW

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