‘Almost Human’ season 1, episode 12 review: Is Minka Kelly’s Valerie ashamed to be a Chrome?

We are almost at the end of “Almost Human” season 1 (it’s the season finale next week folks!) and then comes the long wait as fans worry about whether or not this show will be renewed by Fox for a second season. Even worse then that what are we going to do without our weekly dose of Karl Urban and Michael Ealy? It feels like this show just started airing and it’s almost over already? This is making our head hurt.

Before we get to the finale next week, we had a brand new episode that aired tonight and it was a good one! Kennex went on a date with a girl named Samantha and when she calls the next day and he tries to avoid the call, Dorian starts to dig deeper. After learning that Kennex’s date picked up a bunch of calls during their date, Dorian calls him out on being a boring.

The case of the week focused on the death of a Chrome, which is startling in this universe because they are made to be genetically perfect. When they look deeper they learn that a human is taking the genetic blueprint of Chromes and are trying to give themselves the perfect look through nanobot plastic surgery. This was a great episode for Minka Kelly’s character of Valerie as it finally gave us an opportunity to get to not only know her better, but it also dove into why she wanted to become a cop even though she is a Chrome. She reveals that she spent so much time resenting Chromes and where she came from that she forgot about everything that she liked about being around other Chromes. So much so that she ended up accepting a date from the owner of a Chrome club (who is a Chrome himself), much to the dismay of Kennex who finally got up enough nerve to ask Valerie out for a drink.

We have been waiting all season to see an episode focused on Valerie and we were not disappointed. She’s been so under the radar that we were wondering how much more there was to her outside of being a potential love interest for Kennex. Grade: B –

Do you want to see “Almost Human” get renewed for a second season? Are you bummed that we only have one episode left? Leave us a comment below and tell us all about your love for this show.

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