Could Jay Leno be a candidate to replace Piers Morgan at CNN?

Check it out -We’ll start off this article with a bit of a disclaimer: All of what you are about to read is pure speculation, so don’t treat any of it as fact.

However, the announcement last night that Piers Morgan was stepping down from CNN certainly had us wondering a very simple question: Who could the network hire as a replacement right away who could be a ratings success? The network has struggled for many years, and hiring Jeff Zucker from CNN has not exactly turned things around just yet.

But, there is one thing to remember here: Jeff Zucker used to work at NBC. He and Leno know one another very well, and while you may be very critical of Jay at times, he was a ratings warrior for NBC during his decades at “The Tonight Show.” He was always #1, and given that CNN caters to an older demographic, the age of viewership should not be a problem at all.

The biggest question mark when it comes to Leno as a Piers replacement is simply whether the former is too much of a comedian in order to really excel at a show on a network that is more interview-based. CNN is known for having some hard-hitting interviews, and Leno is not great for that in the 9:00 p.m. timeslot. With that being said, we still would not be too shocked if the network found a different place for him elsewhere that he could bring a little humor to, while mixing it with more hard news at the same time.

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Photo: NBC

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