‘The Bachelor’ rankings: Is Andi Dorfman, Juan Pablo Galavis’ fantasy suite drama a factor?

Andy Dorfman -This is a pretty special edition of “The Bachelor” rankings, mostly because we are essential taking a look at two episodes side by side. Given that there is only 24 hours between episodes, there is really no sense in doing a pair of different rankings. We’ll instead focus more of our “Bachelor” time on previews and other similar sort of footage.

So what we are basing this big addition of show rankings on is really rather simple: A formula that includes a variety of different things, whether it be air time so far, edit, and also what ABC has teased coming up. We know that previews can be deceptive, but there are certain things (fighting after fantasy suite dates) that cannot be made up.

4. Andi Dorfman (last week: 4) – Let’s put it this way. After the fight that these two are going to have in the fantasy suite moving forward, we think that there are better chances that Sharleen randomly shows up (which isn’t gonna happen) then Andi and Juan Pablo being together. It did not look like the sort of fight two people have who want to be together.

At this point, Andi’s narrative feels pretty clear, at least in that she is probably going to either leave or be eliminated at the final three, and then go on and get an offer to be “The Bachelorette.” She’s got the obvious edit for it, which we’ve outlined in the article here.

3. Renee Oteri (5) – The story with Renee is much simpler. She feels like the sort of contestant who gets far, then has her heart broken in the end, anyway. She has not really gotten a ton of screen time in the way that most favorites for the competition do, and she expressed a fear in this sneak peek about telling Juan Pablo that she is in love with him.

2. Clare Crawley (2) – Our main source of pause, beyond their awkward ocean fight, is that there is going to be some drama on the family visit. That is the sort of thing that can linger, and it really feels like Clare is being set up now for one of the most devastating breakups out there given how much she thinks she has this / how much she hates Nikki.

1. Nikki Ferrell (1) – It just doesn’t really feel like almost anyone else now. She’s the only woman to have met Camila, she has what looks like a great hometown ahead, and the two have never fought. It’s hard to imagine another narrative playing out unless something catastrophic happens on the final date.

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Photo: ABC

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