Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremonies: Russia mocks its own ‘ring fail’ from Opening Ceremony

Sochi -When you watch the Closing Ceremonies for the Sochi Olympics tonight on NBC, (if you haven’t watched them already), be prepared to see something that you may not expect: A little bit of self-deprecating humor. While there may be a lot of serious conversations and discussions to have when it comes to Russia’s policies and their job hosting the games this year, they showed Sunday that they are able to laugh at themselves for making an aesthetic error of catastrophic proportions.

If you think back to the Opening Ceremonies that aired earlier this month, the entire event went viral thanks to the failure of one of the Olympic Rings in a light display to open up properly (which you can see, in case you missed it previously, in the video below). This was one of many complaints that many had about Sochi in the early going; while some of these complaints eventually quieted down, they remain one of the defining stories from the early part of the games.

Well, during the Closing Ceremonies there was a pretty similar phenomenon involving a light display, but it was pretty clear from the get-go that this one was meant to be a joke at the previous failure rather than something intentional. Russia can mock itself a little bit, given that they have plenty to celebrate right now. They not only have the most gold medals for this year’s games, but also the highest overall medal count. The United States was second in overall medals, but fourth in gold. Both Canada and Norway defeated the Americans when it comes to the total amount of medals earned of this particular variety.

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Photo: NBC

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