Late night highlights: See Jimmy Fallon – Justin Timberlake rap, Fred Armisen in 8G Band

Tonight Show -NBC is putting the pin today on what has to feel for them like a very successful week. “The Tonight Starring Jimmy Fallon” got off to a great start in the ratings, compared even to the sort of performance that it was pulling back when the show was hosted by Conan O’Brien in its first week.

Therefore, what better way to usher the week off with another History of Rap video? Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have been doing these little raps quite a few times over the past several years, with them staying entertaining almost every step of the way. We are not surprised that Jimmy brought his pal (who was around for “Saturday Night Live” last year) to the show during his first week, and that they almost wasted no time at all getting into it yet again. The fact that the video has more than a million videos in 24 hours just shows the sort of love and passion that is out there for it.

Introducing Seth Meyers’ band – In the Instagram video below, you can get at least a little bit of a taste of the brand-new 8G Band that is going to be accompany Seth on “Late Night” starting on Monday night. Having Fred Armisen lead this group is a pretty big get given the entire audience should already know who he is. Not only that, but he is the sort of bandleader who is going to be game to take part in all sorts of comedy.


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Photo: NBC

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