‘The Voice’ UK preview: will.i.am tears up over blind audition

The latest -Get a set of tissues out before you watch the sneak-peek video below from Saturday’s episode of “The Voice” UK. Watching it may very well have you getting emotional, since it clearly had will.i.am more torn up than we have seen him in three years on this show.

We do have to point out the obvious here with this video, at least in that it looks like the emotional moment comes after no one turns around for a woman who had just performed. Will tells her that she reminded him greatly of his aunt, and that is when he started to get completely choked up.

There are so many moments in reality television when it is easy to throw around words like “staged,” since there seems to be some sort of heated temptation for many people to want to put on tinfoil hats and say that everything is fabricated almost all of the time. This doesn’t feel fabricated at all. Kylie Minogue looks clearly troubled for her fellow coach, and even the woman performing takes a moment to try and related to him in a genuine way, saying that she recently lost her mother. It doesn’t feel like she is throwing it out there for sympathy at all; instead, it’s a moment bent out of understanding.

The unfortunate thing about this moment is that since no one seemed to turn around, this is probably it for the singer; but we hope that these two are able to provide some sort of peace or comfort for each other, since they have some collective memories that they could use to lean on one another.

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Photo: BBC

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