‘The Amazing Race 24’ team spotlight: Will Mark & Bopper be favorites again?

The Amazing Race -After days upon days of doing spotlights on “The Amazing Race” that have been pretty easy to discuss, we turn to one that is a little tricky. If you have seen some of the headlines about the new season already, then you know that Mark & Bopper are going to be a little bit of a “different” sort of team this team around than the rest in the competition. For the sake of this article, though, we are not going to reveal anything here. The same goes for the rest of the season from here on out.

You could make a case for holding off on doing a spotlight on these two given that their situation on the show will be a little bit different than the other teams, but for the sake of fairness, we are still going to try to get it a shot. Plus, we feel like some of their individual strengths and weaknesses here are still going to apply on the show regardless of what happens to them.

Names – William “Bopper” Minton and Mark Jackson

“Amazing Race” history  – Came in fifth place during season 20, where they were considered to be one of the most-popular teams ever with fnas.

Claim to fame – Being nice, funny guys with a story about trying to care for their family despite living in one of the poorest parts of America. Also, Mark was famous for suffering through a Bollywood-themed roadblock for hours and hours until his body nearly gave out on him. Despite getting a Fast Forward later, this task put them so far behind that they were never able to recover the rest of the race.

Strengths – Both of these guys have a great sense of humor, and we don’t really see anything ever getting to them on a level where they will actually get angry at each other. They’re a team that will likely get into an alliance, and will stay true to it for a while. There’s no reason to target them for anything, and they’ll help to make the race a good experience. We realize that this is not “Survivor,” but would you rather race against Mark & Bopper, or someone who is going to make it horrible on you? Plus, most people will probably assume that they could beat these guys.

Weaknesses – They are not particularly well-traveled despite their first race, and they are also probably not as good as their fifth-place finish showed last time. They had luck on their side on a couple of occasions, and they’re just not particularly fast or athletic. They may be one of the more determined teams, but that can only get you so far on an all-star season.

Predictions – After the dust settles on the unusual situation that these guys find themselves in this season, we’re pulling for a victory. Unfortunately, we just don’t see it happening for them this time around. There are just way too many strong racers. This reminds us a lot of when Dave & Mary came back, and they were eliminated almost right away in the new All-Star season.

What’s your prediction this time around for these two? hare your thoughts below, and head over here if you do want to read the rest of our “Amazing Race” spotlight articles. Also, be sure to sign up now to get even more news and updates via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: CBS

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