‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 15 spoilers: First photo from ‘Comic Perversion’

Law & Order: SVU logo“Law & Order: SVU” is going to return on Wednesday night following the conclusion of the Sochi Olympics, and we are here now with some of the first details from an episode that could produce all sorts of controversy in “Comic Perversion.”

The questions that could be asked in this particular episode are mostly interesting in that these are questions that have been asked of comedy for quite a long time … the only difference is that they are understandably being done on a much larger scale in this hour. How seriously should you take the remarks of a comic, and should someone be morally responsible for anything that happens as a result of jokes they tell? The nature of one comedian’s jokes could inspire an assault in this episode, or even worse, he could behind the crimes himself.

In case you didn’t have a chance to read some details about this particular episode previously, all you have to do is check out the official synopsis below:

“Popular comedian Josh Galloway (guest star Jonathan Silverman) is faced with student protestors after a set at Tompkins Square University. His demeaning jokes about women and rape become more serious when a student is assaulted by two of Galloway’s fans. Though Barba (Raúl Esparza) can’t arrest him for speaking his mind, he charges the SVU to find proof that Galloway’s actions reflect his words. When TSU student Carly Rydell (guest star Laura Slade Wiggins) accuses Galloway of rape, Sergeant Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is happy to arrest him. But Barba finds major roadblocks in the he-said she-said case, and thinks Benson should have chosen her battle more carefully. Meanwhile, a detective from Chicago (guest star Sophia Bush) seeks help from the NYPD.”

We realize that the “Chicago PD” crossover here really isn’t getting that much attention, but it is pretty hard for it to right now given the way that the promotional material is shifting our focus.

Photo: NBC

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